Light Line Record claims … complex?

I was talking to one of our long standing SACGB members a couple of days back and our conversation moved to the British Measured & Released Line Class Records.
I pointed out that with so many vacant line class records there was probably more opportunity to get a record this year than at any time in the future.
He agreed but said, “its complex and expensive though”. As the conversation continued I began to understand why he thought this.
If you have decided to chase a specific line class, for example the 20lbs class for Porbeagle, then our advice is that you invest in good quality line which has been manufactured to break at, or below its stated breaking strain. The reason here is quite simple. Having caught and released your Porbeagle you don’t want to miss the record opportunity because of a line test failure. Line of this quality is more expensive than standard line.
When a line test fails the line class it is entered for, it is automatically entered for the next higher category. So, using the same example if the line failed the 20lbs test your claim would be entered for the 30lbs Line Class Record.
If you are using standard quality line, as very many anglers do, you still have a very good chance of picking up a Line Class Record, especially when there are so many vacant slots in the record listing.
You do need to send a sample of the line and other bits n pieces just as you would for any other record but that’s all you need to do. Follow this link to the relevant page on the website for details on how to claim.
I hope this makes the Line Class Record process a little clearer but if you have any questions get back to me and I will try my best to help.
With 59 vacant line class records and no lady winners at all yet, there is more opportunity this year than any year to come, so its over you ladies and gentlemen…….