Shark Angling Club of Great Britain

The Club was founded on the 4th January 1953 in Looe, Cornwall.  The first General Meeting of the club  was held on the 25th January 1953 at the Hannafore Point Hotel in Looe. The hotel was allowed to fly the club burgee to enable it to be identified as the Headquarters of the club.

At this meeting the Chairman, Brigadier J A L Caunter, informed those assembled that a trophy had been presented to the club by Mr F A Mitchell-Hedges. It was agreed that the trophy be called the Mitchell-Hedges Shark Trophy.

In order to secure an overdraft to start the club the Mitchell-Hedges trophy (then insured for a value of £200) was offered to the bank for security.

This trophy is still competed for annually by the members of the club.

The first shark recorded in club minutes was a 104lb Blue Shark caught by Mrs D Case.

In the following year the Daphne Case Trophy, for the heaviest Blue Shark caught by a member resident in Looe and the R C Roberts Trophy for the heaviest qualifying shark were accepted by the club. Both these trophies and many others are competed for every year.

Entry to the club is available to those who catch and release a shark unaided whilst fishing from a port in the UK. Further details  regarding qualification and membership are available in our membership section.

The aims of the Club are:

  • To promote the sport of shark angling in Great Britain and to provide the Members with an organisation which is regarded as a central authority for the sport
  • To adhere to a strict policy of catch and release and adopt best practise in the handling, and conservation of all sharks
  • To maintain and publish records and other relevant data for sharks caught and released which are known to the club
  • To provide and administer challenge trophies and other awards
  • To promote social contacts between Members and to provide events and social occasions where appropriate