shark-angling-cornwallCatch and Release Since 1994
Shark Angling Club Great Britain


Since 1998, the SACGB has operated a tagging scheme, whereby all sharks caught have been measured, tagged and released.  The tags contain information on when and where the shark was caught and the size of the shark.  Once the Shark is re-captured, the tag has been returned with the new information, enabling us to see how far the shark has travelled, over what period of time, and how much it has changed in size.

In 2015, the SACGB became part of another shark tagging scheme called the NMFS Co-operative Shark Tagging Programme, based in America.  This tagging programme has been running since 1962 and during that time, over 243,000 sharks of 52 species have been tagged and more than 14,000 sharks of 33 species have been recaptured.

To find out more about this programme, please visit their webpage here.

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