We want to welcome you back

During the last couple of months we have been fortunate to have received feedback from a number of ex-members of the club. Many of them discontinued their membership as they felt the value they received did not justify the membership fee and that the club was too Looe centric. We understand this and in conjunction with launching three projects targeted at changing the direction of the club we are making an offer to our previous members to re-join.

The current cost of re-joining the club is £20 re-joining fee plus £20 current years subscription, making it a total cost of £40.

Between now and the 31st December 2017 we will remove the re-joining fee so the cost for a returning will be just £20. To take advantage of this please forward an email to the secretary at sharkclubloo@gmail.com quoting your most recent membership number and the year you left the club. Details of how to re-join will then be provided We sincerely hope that these initial projects and the reduced returning membership offer will demonstrate our commitment to developing the club to enable us to move forward and work in a collaborative manner to reposition it to a place where the entire sharking community can come together.