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Shark Angling Club Great Britain


During the past 60 years, some magnificent trophies have been donated to the club.
Each has its own specific qualification requirements, according to the wishes of the donor.

Only MEMBERS are eligible to apply for these trophies, apart from
the R.C. Roberts Trophy, for the best qualifying shark of the season.

The ‘season’ is defined as:
From the 1st of October to the 30th of September the following year.

Until 1994, the size of a shark was measured by weight to qualify for a trophy,
but since the club began promoting ‘catch and release’, the committee agreed
to assess each trophy claim on the basis of ‘points’

The points system is very simple – 1 point equals 1 inch (2.54 cms).
The total points for a shark is calculated by adding the length and the girth together.

The measuring method can be found in the membership section.

The minimum total points of any shark to be entered for one of the club’s trophies
must be 110 points.  This equates to 75 lbs (34.1 kgs), the qualifying weight.

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