The Welsh Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Wales

At the committee meeting of the 7th July 1971 the Welsh Trophy was donated. It was to be presented to the member of the SACGB resident in Wales for the best fish of the season.

This was proposed by P Maddock and seconded by Mr G Nancollas.

The earliest winner on the current trophy is G Braham in 1991 which suggests that the initial trophy has been misplaced.




Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Andrew Baker Blue 131lbs est
2020 Andrew Baker Blue 131.5lbs est
2018 No award    
2017 No award    
2013 A Griffiths Blue 108lbs
2001 R Preece Blue 118lbs
1993 G Braham Porbeagle 117lbs
1991 G Braham Porbeagle 128lbs
1988  B Robinson Porbeagle 95lbs
1986  S Farr Porbeagle 135lbs
1985 T Bird Porbeagle 147lbs
1983  T Bird Porbeagle 109.5lbs
1982  D Ellis Porbeagle 190lbs
1981  F Jones Porbeagle 263lbs
1980  P Oliver Porbeagle 122lbs
1979  F Jones Porbeagle 140lbs
1976  C Williams Porbeagle 212lbs