W K Wileman Midland Trophy Trophy

It is recorded in the 1962 Final Report for the SACGB that Mr. W K Wileman presented the club with this trophy and it was to be known as the W K Wileman Trophy. It was to competed for by members living within a 50 mile radius of Nuneaton and was for the heaviest shark irrespective of the species.

A replica of the trophy was to be presented each year to be retained permanently by the winner. This no longer happens.

The current trophy is awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a member resident within 50 miles of Nuneaton

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Andy Smith Blue 110.5pts
2022 Ian Harbage Blue 106pts
2021 Simon Davidson Porbeagle 550lbs
2020 Jason Heenan Blue 121lbs
2019 Harvey O’Malley Blue 173lbs
2018 Danny O’Malley Blue 132lbs
2017 Ian Harbage Blue 126lbs
2016 Ian Harbage Blue 110lbs
2015 Clive Read Blue 135lbs
2014 D Gorring    
2013 Ian Harbage Blue 80lbs
2012 Jake Jackson Blue 95lbs
2011 Jim Martin Blue 88lbs
2010 Phil Houghton Blue 106lbs
2008 Jon Read Blue 95lbs
2007 I Harbage Porbeagle 136lbs
2006 Martin Shipp Blue 125lbs
2004 I Harbage Blue 75lbs
2003 Jim Martin Blue 85lbs
2001 Martin Shipp Porbeagle 203.25lbs
1997 M Thomas Blue 132lbs
1993 T Reilly Blue 100lbs
1992 Carl Aldridge Blue 88lbs
1988 I Bunney Porbeagle 100lbs
1987 R Ratty Porbeagle 108lbs
1986 I Bunney Porbeagle 416lbs
1985 I Bunney Porbeagle 274lbs
1984 I Bunney Porbeagle 306lbs
1983 I Bunney Porbeagle 246lbs
1982 I Bunney Porbeagle 336lbs
1981 I Bunney Porbeagle 300lbs
1980 R Parsons Porbeagle 150lbs
1979 I Bunney Porbeagle 275lbs
1978 Mrs P Bunney Porbeagle 145lbs
1977 I Bunney Porbeagle 250lbs
1976 K Alexander Blue 86lbs
1975 G D Hunt Blue 110lbs
1974 P Davis Blue 78.5lbs
1973 R A Holmes Blue 94.5lbs
1972 P Webster Blue 140lbs
1971 Mrs P Smith Blue 94.5lbs
1970 Mrs P Smith Porbeagle 369lbs
1969 P Webster Blue 140lbs
1968 H Bennett Blue 139lbs
1967 W G Cooil Blue 126lbs
1966 M Cox Blue 112lbs
1965 F E Jessop Blue 149lbs
1964 F E Jessop Blue 112lbs
1963 P Wright Blue 113lbs
1958 P Black Blue 144lbs