W F Crow Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member whose permanent postal address includes London


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2021 Chris Evans Blue 196lb
2020 No award    
2019 No award    
2018 No award    
2017 No award    
2016 C Evans Blue 136lbs
2013 S Coles Blue 92lbs
2002 A Chapman Blue 98lbs
1994 N Harvey  Blue  84.5lbs
1993 J Scott Blue 95lbs
1992 N Harvey Blue 84.5lbs
1991 P Allsey Blue 100lbs
1989 J Watts  Blue  87lbs
1988 A Losinski Blue  103lbs
1985 A Losinski Blue 110lbs
1984 R Gray Porbeagle 109lbs
1983 A Losinski  Blue  112lbs
1982 R Gray Porbeagle 260lbs
1981 Mrs M Potier Porbeagle 236lbs
1980 Mrs M Potier Porbeagle 110lbs
1979 J Potier Porbeagle 295lbs
1978 R G Hendrie Thresher 114lbs
1977 J Potier Blue 81lbs
1976 P Allsey Blue 105lbs
1975 H Permutt Blue 89lbs
1974 C Wye Blue 92lbs
1973 N Sercombe Blue 120lbs
1972 N Sercombe Blue 119lbs
1971 A Verney & D Digby Porbeagle 190lbs
1970 D Digby Porbeagle 259lbs
1969 W F Crow Blue 80.5lbs