The Venning Trophy

Awarded annually for the most outstanding or unusual capture of the season


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2017 Andy Griffith 5 Threshers in 3 consecutive days largest visually estimated at 200lbs
2017 Allan Mason Banjo – Kenya 25kgs
2016 Alex McKay Blue 170lbs
2012 D Vokins Thresher 337.5lbs
2011 Steve Chivers Blue – on 20lbs line 154lbs
2007 D Vokins Thresher 500lbs
2001 J Griss Blue 117lbs
1998 M Stalder-Griss Blue 111lbs
1996 M Stalder-Griss Blue – on 6lbs line 90lbs
1994 R Wooding Blue – on 16lbs line 96lbs
1992 J H Fox Blue – on 50lbs line 113.5lbs
1975 W G Bowry Thresher 241lbs
1973 C R Child Blue – on 6lbs line 53lbs
1972 S James Blue – on 12lbs line 108lbs
1971 A Needham Blue 102.5lbs
1970 S James Blue – on 12lbs line 102lbs
1969 D N Bougourd Porbeagle 430lbs
1968 T Prince Porbeagle 306.5lbs
1967 G Tupper Blue – single handed 155lbs
1964 S G Miller Mako 435lbs
1963 B E Stevens Mako 385lbs
1962 L J Hawkins Porbeagle 195lbs
1961 B D Phillips Porbeagle 227lbs
1960 P Betts Blue 164lbs
1959 Brig. J A L Caunter C.B.E., M.C. Thresher 268lbs
1958 A M Simpson Mako 324lbs
1957 Mr Andrews    
1955-56 Mrs D Case