The Surrey Trophy

This   trophy was initially awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Surrey. in 2018 the challenge was amended to the runner up to the Alan Caunter Trophy


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2018 Angela Spearing Blue 74.5lbs
2017 Richard Young Blue 100lbs
2015 John Lock Blue 80.5lbs
2012 M Nethersole Blue  
2011 M Morgan Blue  
2002 Richard Young Blue 78lbs
1997 G Boyt Blue 106lbs
1994 S Staniford Blue 109lbs
1992 A Thomas Blue 100.5lbs
1990 V S Gray & C Sinclair Blue 99lbs
1989 S Staniford Blue 92lbs
1988 J Scott Blue 87lbs
1986 S Staniford Blue 94lbs
1984 S Staniford Blue 92lbs
1981 M H St. J Sharp Porbeagle 175lbs
1980 W Foster Blue 86lbs
1978 R I Cottrell Porbeagle 450lbs
1977 Mrs D Butler Porbeagle 208lbs
1976 Dr. Gamal Hamza Porbeagle 220lbs
1975 W G Bowry Thresher 241lbs
1974 R King Blue 96lbs
1973 R King Blue 85lbs
1972 R King Blue 91lbs
1971 R King Blue 78lbs
1970 R King Blue 93lbs
1969 R King Blue 107lbs