Ron Gibson Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Yorkshire

In the 1965 Annual Report its recorded that Mr Ron Gibson, a long standing member of the club had donated a this trophy which was to be awarded for the member resident in Yorkshire weighing in the best shark of the season. The trophy was to be known as The Ron Gibson Trophy


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Brian Copeland Blue 77lbs
2021 Brian Copeland Blue 99.5lbs
2020 Brian Copeland Blue 99.6lbs
2019 Brian Copeland Blue 99lbs
2018 Richard Horsfield Blue 113lbs
2017 No award    
2015 Brian Copeland Blue 88lbs
2015 Brian Copeland Blue 88lbs
2014 Brian Copeland  Blue  82lbs
1999 D Gale    
1993 J Stevens Blue 86lbs
1989 K Horsfield Blue 134.5lbs
1983 F Hogg Blue 89lbs
1981 N P Hogg Blue 100lbs
1980 P Denver Blue 114lbs
1979 C J Preston Blue 105lbs
1977 L Copley Blue 93lbs
1976 A Aitken Blue 102lbs
1975 G Stevens Blue 110lbs
1974 K Cheetham Blue 80lbs
1973 J Adams Blue 134lbs
1972 J Hallam Blue 101lbs
1971 D F Faulkener Blue 114lbs
1970 R Cawthrat Blue 109lbs
1969 J Hallam Blue 96lbs
1968 L A Upton Blue 115lbs
1967 K Cheetham Mako 400lbs
1966 G Hallam Blue 85lbs