Redknap Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Oxford


The March 1978 newsletter reported that Tony Redknap had donated this trophy.


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2018 No award    
2017 No award    
2016 Toby Dixon Blue 85lbs
2015 Toby Dixon Blue 93lbs
2008 C E Whittington Blue 85lbs
2007 M Stroud Blue 80lbs
2003 M Stroud Blue 102lbs
1997 M Stroud Blue 102lbs
1994 R Wooding Blue 96lbs
1993 C E Whittington Blue 105lbs
1990 C E Whittington Blue 104lbs
1980 G Kingerlee Blue 77lbs
1978 J Malloy Blue 80lbs
1977 A Redknap Mako 132lbs