R C Roberts Trophy

Awarded annually for the best qualifying shark of the season

This trophy was donated by R C Roberts and accepted by the club at a committee meeting on the 9th January 1954

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Deklan Marlow Porbeagle 90″ est
2022 Mark Jones Porbeagle 220lb
2021 Kevin Finch Porbeagle 400lb
2020 Jean Woodman Blue 110lb
2017 John Dines Blue 256.5lbs
2016 Guy Radford Blue  180lbs
2015 R Wyatt Blue  192lbs
2014 J Leniham    
2013 G Patterson Blue 132lbs
2012 B Pollard Blue  143lbs
2011 R Sweet Blue 125lbs
2010 R Bevan  Blue  148lbs
2009 B Hewlett Blue 125lbs
2008 M Roberts  Blue  130lbs
2007 D McGregor  Porbeagle  220lbs
2006 R Smith  Thresher  350lbs
2005 R Please Blue  134lbs
2004 S Roberts  Blue 145lbs
2003 D Townsend  Blue  134.5lbs
2002 Chris Bett Porbeagle 484.5lbs
2001 P Forsyth  Blue 102lbs
2000 J Cole  Blue 119lbs
1999 M Thomas Blue 134lbs
1998 G McCall Blue 157lbs
1997 B Webb  Blue  117lbs
1996 B Westley Blue 110.5lbs
1995 A Shepherd  Blue  132lbs
1994 J Edward  Porbeagle  218lbs
1993 P Sandford Blue 147lbs
1992 T England Blue 149lbs
1991 J Glover Blue 122.5lbs
1990 P D Rahill Blue 216.5lbs
1989 R Osborne  Porbeagle 306lbs
1988 M Wade  Thresher  278lbs
1987 S Ekdahl  Porbeagle  378lbs
1986 J Fisher Blue  153lbs
1985 A Stacey Blue 173.5lbs
1984 A Yates Thresher 279lbs
1983 W Schmitt  Thresher  281lbs
1982 S Mills Thresher 323lbs
1981 C Johnson Thresher 245lbs
1980 D Mellor Blue 196lbs
1979 H L Hicks Porbeagle 416.5lbs
1978 H J Aris Thresher 295lbs
1977 D Runnalls Porbeagle 458lbs
1976 J Potier Porbeagle 465lbs
1975 S M McCartney Porbeagle 280lbs
1974 G Francis Blue 150lbs
1973 A E Adams Blue 127lbs
1972 R A Hulett Blue 158lbs
1971 G F Doughty Blue 153lbs
1970 P Taylor Mako 370lbs
1969 D N Bougourd Porbeagle 430lbs
1968 T Prince Porbeagle 342lbs
1967 H Beechy Newman Blue 190lbs
1966 K Burgess Mako 498.5lbs
1965 R A C Tuck Blue 152lbs
1964 F N Cook Mako 449lbs
1963 J E McDonald Mako 334lbs
1962 J Hanson Mako 427.5lbs
1961 J E Sefton Mako 428.5lbs
1960 D A Buckland Mako 384lbs
1959 No award    
1958 T Hodgson Blue 154lbs
1957 Mrs A Flynn Blue 138lbs
1956 B Bonsall  Mako  254lbs
1955 R Daniel Blue 131lbs
1954 J F Barlow Blue 155lbs