R C Roberts Trophy

Awarded annually for the best qualifying shark of the season

This trophy was donated by R C Roberts and accepted by the club at a committee meeting on the 9th January 1954

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2020 Jean Woodman Blue 110lb
2017 John Dines Blue 256.5lbs
2016 Guy Radford Blue  180lbs
2015 R Wyatt Blue  192lbs
2014 J Leniham    
2013 G Patterson Blue 132lbs
2012 B Pollard Blue  143lbs
2011 R Sweet Blue 125lbs
2010 R Bevan  Blue  148lbs
2009 B Hewlett Blue 125lbs
2008 M Roberts  Blue  130lbs
2007 D McGregor  Porbeagle  220lbs
2006 R Smith  Thresher  350lbs
2005 R Please Blue  134lbs
2004 S Roberts  Blue 145lbs
2003 D Townsend  Blue  134.5lbs
2002 Chris Bett Porbeagle 484.5lbs
2001 P Forsyth  Blue 102lbs
2000 J Cole  Blue 119lbs
1999 M Thomas Blue 134lbs
1998 G McCall Blue 157lbs
1997 B Webb  Blue  117lbs
1996 B Westley Blue 110.5lbs
1995 A Shepherd  Blue  132lbs
1994 J Edward  Porbeagle  218lbs
1993 P Sandford Blue 147lbs
1992 T England Blue 149lbs
1991 J Glover Blue 122.5lbs
1990 P D Rahill Blue 216.5lbs
1989 R Osborne  Porbeagle 306lbs
1988 M Wade  Thresher  278lbs
1987 S Ekdahl  Porbeagle  378lbs
1986 J Fisher Blue  153lbs
1985 A Stacey Blue 173.5lbs
1984 A Yates Thresher 279lbs
1983 W Schmitt  Thresher  281lbs
1982 S Mills Thresher 323lbs
1981 C Johnson Thresher 245lbs
1980 D Mellor Blue 196lbs
1979 H L Hicks Porbeagle 416.5lbs
1978 H J Aris Thresher 295lbs
1977 D Runnalls Porbeagle 458lbs
1976 J Potier Porbeagle 465lbs
1975 S M McCartney Porbeagle 280lbs
1974 G Francis Blue 150lbs
1973 A E Adams Blue 127lbs
1972 R A Hulett Blue 158lbs
1971 G F Doughty Blue 153lbs
1970 P Taylor Mako 370lbs
1969 D N Bougourd Porbeagle 430lbs
1968 T Prince Porbeagle 342lbs
1967 H Beechy Newman Blue 190lbs
1966 K Burgess Mako 498.5lbs
1965 R A C Tuck Blue 152lbs
1964 F N Cook Mako 449lbs
1963 J E McDonald Mako 334lbs
1962 J Hanson Mako 427.5lbs
1961 J E Sefton Mako 428.5lbs
1960 D A Buckland Mako 384lbs
1959 No award    
1958 T Hodgson Blue 154lbs
1957 Mrs A Flynn Blue 138lbs
1956 B Bonsall  Mako  254lbs
1955 R Daniel Blue 131lbs
1954 J F Barlow Blue 155lbs