Pearl Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Lancashire

The April 1981 newsletter reports that this trophy was donated by Mr C Preston whose wife had passed away earlier in the year. The trophy was to be named the “Pearl Trophy” in her memory


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 W Whistance Porbeagle 405lbs
2022 W Whistance Blue 90lbs
2021 W Whistance Porbeagle 300lbs
2020 n/a
2019 W Whistance Blue 170lbs
2018 W Whistance Blue 100lbs
2017 W Whistance Blue 74.5lbs
2016 W Whistance Blue 106lbs
2015 R Crossthwaite  Blue 109lbs
2014 W Whistance  Blue 98lbs
2013 J Dugdale Blue 106lbs
2012 W Whistance  Blue  95lbs
2006 W Whistance Blue 95lbs
1999 W Whistance Blue 92lbs
1998 P Whistance Blue 84lbs
1993 K Swift Blue 126lbs
1985 Dr Beaumont Porbeagle 150lbs
1982 D C Preston Blue 98lbs
1981 P J Blackburn Blue 78lbs