Norman Lorraine Trophy

Awarded annually for the best blue shark of the season

This trophy was donated by Dr Norman Lorraine. He caught his 120lb Blue Shark qualifier aboard Silver Spray, skippered by Edgar Williams on the 6th June 1958 out of Looe



Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Victoria Baldwin Blue 114lbs
2022 Richard Day Blue 120lbs
2021 Chris Evans Blue 196lbs
2020 David Wright Blue 147lbs
2019 Harvey O’Malley Blue 173lbs
2018 Kevin Tapper Blue 121lbs
2017 Dave Stone Blue 171lbs
2016 Alex McKay Blue 170lbs
2015 C Avery, C Read & D Kendall  Blue  135lbs
2014 Chris Bett  Blue  186lbs
2013 A Griffith Blue  
2012 Bob Pollard Blue 248lbs
2011 D Collins Blue  
2010 M Davies Blue  196lbs
2009 P Woodward & R Day Blue  
2008 Chris Bett  Blue  119lbs
2007 Paul Ellis Blue 105lbs
2006 D Vokins Blue 120lbs
2005 J Stevens Blue  150lbs
2004 Richard Day Blue 170lbs
2003 R Please Blue 155lbs
2002 Hilary Casson Blue 111lbs
2001 J Griss Blue  
2000 N Duckett Blue  
1999 Richard Day Blue  
1998 Kevin Tapper Blue 115lbs
1997 M Thomas Blue 132lbs
1996 J Griss Blue 109.5lbs
1995 A Walther Blue  132lbs
1994 John Ardin Blue  123.5lbs
1993 K Swift Blue 126lbs
1992 J Fox Blue  113.5lbs
1991 D Keen Blue 125lbs
1990 Karen Sayer Blue 125lbs
1989 K Horsfield Blue 134lbs
1988 A Losinski Blue 103lbs
1987 B Taylor Blue 84lbs
1986 B Taylor Blue 112lbs
1985 R White Blue 102lbs
1984 B Payne Blue 109lbs
1983 A Losinski Blue 112lbs
1982 R Ratty Blue 116lbs
1981 J M Cummings Blue 135lbs
1980 P Denver Blue 114lbs
1979 D C Preston Blue 126lbs
1978 C P Pelling Blue 108lbs
1977 S A V Casey Blue 115lbs
1976 D M Barnett Blue 118lbs
1975 A S Fraser Blue 126lbs
1974 C G Austin Blue 130lbs
1973 T Sheen Blue 142.5lbs
1972 A H Endersby Blue 121lbs
1971 J S Sexton Blue 120lbs
1970 J Goodman Blue 120lbs
1969 J Gibbon Blue 146lbs
1968 V Bryan Blue 164lbs
1967 G Tupper Blue  155lbs
1966 G F Brooks Blue 128lbs
1965 F E Jessop Blue 149lbs
1964 S H Richardson-Hill Blue 184lbs
1963 E E Griffiths Blue 126lbs
1962 T A Easton Blue 135lbs
1961 Mrs H Eathorne Blue 167lbs
1960 P Betts Blue  164lbs
1959 C W Hazelwood Blue 198lbs
1958 P Black Blue  144lbs
1957 A M Simpson Blue 161.5lbs
1956 S J Taylor Blue 144lbs
1955 H Whiddett Blue 130lbs
1954 T P Robinson Blue 120lbs