Marsden Sutcliffe Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Junior Member

This trophy was donated by Mrs Pat Sutcliffe and accepted by the club at a committee meeting on the 4th July 1959.  The trophy was donated in memory of her husband, Marsden Sutcliffe.

At the committee meeting of 17th December 1968 its was agreed that this trophy would be restricted to Members only


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2020 Harvey O’Malley Blue 65lbs
2019 Harvey O’Malley Blue 173lbs
2018 Harvey O’Malley Blue 81lbs
2013 W Griffiths Blue 108lbs
1987 G Clark Porbeagle 240lbs
1982 I S Hearle Blue 86lbs
1971 Master A Wightwick Blue 78lbs
1969 Miss Lesley Johnson Blue 82lbs
1968 Master Mark Kitto Blue  106.5lbs
1967 Master J Turland Blue 108lbs
1966 Master J Saltmarsh Blue 105lbs
1965 Master Simon Fielding Porbeagle 116lbs
1964 Master Stephen Kemp-King Blue 105lbs
1963 Master J Mintram Blue 115lbs
1962 Master P Brown Blue 115lbs
1961 Master G Rogers Blue 125lbs
1960 Master J Gilmore Blue 107lbs