K A Bones Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Essex

This is first mentioned in the minutes of the committee meeting held on the 31st March 1972 when it was noted that no application had been received for the trophy, so nothing could be done. It was agreed that a letter of apology be sent to Mr Linley.   Reading between the lines it seems that Mr Linleys trophy declaration had been received late or there was some sort of issue with it. There are no further comments relating to this issue in available club minutes.

K A Bones caught his 87lbs Blue Shark qualifier aboard the Gay Buccaneer , skippered by himself out of Looe on the 20th August 1966

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2022 Nick Chapman Blue 90lbs
2021 Lee Stock Blue lbs
2018 Nick Chapman Blue 78lbs
2017 No award    
2012 M Roberts Thresher 337.5lbs
2003 D Decaux Blue 80lbs
2002 S Dobney Blue 106lbs
1998 D Decaux Blue 82lbs
1997 P Judd Blue 92lbs
1995 A Walther Blue 132lbs
1987 R Gray Porbeagle 150lbs
1986 R Barnard Blue 111lbs
1985 R Gray Porbeagle 132lbs
1984 B Payne Blue 109lbs
1981 L Stoller Porbeagle 268lbs
1980 D M Barnett Blue 84lbs
1979 L Stoller    
1976 C C Stubbings Thresher 257lbs
1975 B Payne Blue 106lbs
1974 D M Barnett Blue 96lbs
1973 T Miles Blue 92.5bs
1971 T Miles Blue 102.5lbs
1970  R E F Fruitnight Porbeagle 286lbs