Hampshire Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Hampshire


Year Name Species Weight
2023 Spencer Wright  Thresher  180lbs
2022 Spencer Wright  Porbeagle  300lbs
2020 John Lock  Blue  120lbs
2019 Mark Hillier  Blue  113lbs
2018 Mark Hillier  Blue  113lbs
2017 Mark Hillier  Blue  152lbs
2012 Terry Field Blue 80lbs
2010 John Lock Blue 95lbs
2009 John Lock Blue 102lbs
2008 A Lamb Blue 88lbs
2007 P Ellis Blue 105lbs
2006 P Ellis Blue 82lbs
2004 M Beeton Blue 75lbs
2003 R Please Blue 155lbs
2002 I Lamb Blue 85lbs
2001 J Bain Blue 95lbs
2000 John Lock Blue 82lbs
1999 J Bain Blue 82lbs
1994 I Lamb Blue 78lbs
1993 J Fox Blue 99.5lbs
1992 J Fox Blue 113.5lbs
1991 J Fox Blue 91lbs