Gloucestershire Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Gloucestershire

This trophy was donated to the club by John Ardin during the 1990/1991 season.  John became a member of the club in July 1989, when he caught his qualifier, a Blue of 91lbs out of Looe.  He went on to win the Gloucestershire Trophy in 1994 with a 123.5lb Blue shark taken aboard Ivan Chastons boat on the 7th October 1993.  The same year he took the Mitchell-Hedges, the Norman Lorraine and the Auger trophies and went on to take the Gloucestershire trophy again in 2013.

Year Name Species Weight
2021 Mike Wallis Porbeagle 450lbs
2020 n/a
2019 Mike Wallis Porbeagle 96.5lbs
2018 Mike Wallis Blue 77lbs
2013 John Ardin Blue 95lbs
2001 Toby Dixon Blue 88lbs
1994 John Ardin Blue  123.5lbs
1992 Kenny Wilson Blue  93.5lbs