Dusty Miller Trophy

Awarded annually to the Skipper Member of the boat catching the most sharks of qualifying size during the season (not restricted to Looe)

At the 9th December 1966 committee meeting the secretary read a letter from Mr S G Miller in which he offered a trophy to the club. The designation of the trophy was for it to be awarded annually to the skipper who caught the most sharks of qualifying size in a season. This was proposed by Mr. E C Were and seconded by Mr D Denne. The trophy was first included in the listing in the 1967 Rule Book.  At the committee meeting of 7th November 1967, it was carried unanimously that the boatmans prize (£?) should be awarded to the boatman who caught the most sharks of the season. The secretary was asked to write to Mr S G Miller to ask if was agreeable for this prize to be combined with his trophy. The following months minutes (16th December 1967) record Mr S G Millers was in agreement with this request.

The minutes of the 30th March 1971 meeting note that skippers £10 prizes were agreed to be discontinued. However at a committee meeting on the 8th August 1971 it was noted that the skippers prizes were still in the rule book so they were reinstated for 1971 pending a review before the following year


Year Name
2023 Murray Collings
2022 Pete Davis
2021 M Collings
2020 M Collings
2019 M Collings
2018 M Collings
2017 M Collings
2016 M Collings
2015 P Davis
2014 P Davis
2013 M Collings
2012 P Davis
2011 P Davis
2010 P Davis
2009 P Davis
2008 M Collings
2007 P Davis
2006 P Davis
2005 D Vokins
2004 D Vokins
2003 D Vokins
2002 J Reynolds & P Davis
2001 P Davis
2000 P Davis
1999 MP Davis
1998 M P Davis
1997 P Davis
1996 I Chaston
1995 J Reynolds
1994 I Chaston
1993 P Davis
1992 L I Chaston
1991 P Davis
1990 I Chaston
1989 I Chaston
1988 I Chaston
1987 I Chaston
1986 I Chaston
1985 I Chaston
1984 J Hicks
1983 J Hicks
1982 J Watts
1981 C Martin
1980 J Watts
1979 H Winter-Taylor
1976 M Toms
1975 C Hoare
1974 W Cowan
1973 A J Pengelly
1972 E F Wallis
1971 B Hunkin
1970 E Lakeman
1969 A J Pengelly
1968 R Vinncombe
1967 I Chaston