Derek Denne Trophy

 Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Devon

This was first mentioned in the committee meeting minutes of the 27th June 1967 when Mr Denne raised the subject of a trophy for Devon. The following meeting on the 25th July 1967 records that the decision on the Devon Trophy should be postponed until the winter.  At the 16th December 1967 committee meeting Derek Denne asked the committee to accept his offer of a trophy to the Club for the heaviest shark caught by a Member resident in Devon in the season. This was proposed by Derek Denne, seconded by Mr G Nancollas and carried unanimously. The trophy was first included in the listing in the 1968 Rule Book. At a committee meeting on the 22nd March 1968 it was agreed that the club would have the trophy inscribed.


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2022 Chris Avery Blue 92lbs
2021 Pete Overton Blue 121.5lbs
2020 n/a
2019 Lewis Hodder Porbeagle 68.4lbs
2018 Kevin Tapper Blue 138lbs
2017 Steve Dawe Blue 100lbs
2016 John Sleeman Blue 180lbs
2015 Chris Avery Blue 135lbs
2014 Gary Avery  Blue 148lbs
2013 John Crotty Blue 102lbs
2012 Chris Avery Blue 88lbs
2011 S Buckland Blue 102lbs
2010 C Heathman Blue 100lbs
2009 John Shaw Blue 92lbs
2006 Kevin Tapper Blue 108lbs
2003 Kevin Tapper Blue 120lbs
1998 Kevin Tapper Blue 115lbs
1993 F Hayward Blue 92lbs
1992 A Cooper Blue 103.5lbs
1987 B Taylor Blue 84lbs
1986 B Taylor Blue 112lbs
1985 B Taylor Blue 108lbs
1984 Gary Avery Porbeagle 192lbs
1983 B Taylor Porbeagle 158lbs
1982 B Taylor Porbeagle 382lbs
1981 G Evans Porbeagle 171lbs
1980 D Cockram Porbeagle 179lbs
1979 R Parker Porbeagle 278lbs
1978 R Caton Porbeagle 208lbs
1977 W Beasant    
1976 B Hancock Porbeagle 250lbs
1975 D Cockram Porbeagle 238lbs
1974 J Hamilton Jones Blue 85lbs
1973 D Oakley Blue 118lbs
1972 W H Durfield Blue 103lbs
1971 D Chown Blue 107lbs
1970 J Goodman Blue 120lbs
1969 J Gibbon Blue 146lbs
1968 G Pincott Blue 148lbs