Cornish Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Member resident in Cornwall


The July 1973 newsletter, produced by Brian Tudor, reported that Mr. L Karberrv, a member from Leeds had donated a trophy which was to be called the Cornish Trophy. It was presented in memory of Jim Hughes who died in a diving accident of Bahrain.

The trophy was first won in 1973. By the time it had seen its last winner in 1990 all the shields were full which necessitated an additional trophy. The one that replaced that is called the J D Kimberley Shield. It was first won in 1992 and is still current.



Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 Victoria Baldwin Blue 114lbs
2021 Terri Steeper Blue 80lbs
2020 Simon Ward Blue 109lbs
2019 No Award
2018 Ian Beaufoy Blue 98.5lbs
2017 Jon Read Blue 114lbs
2016 Alex McKay Blue 170lbs
2015 A Adams  Blue  92lbs
2014 Bob Woodman  Blue  117lbs
2013 Dave Clarke Blue 112lbs
2012 Bob Pollard  Porbeagle  248lbs
2011 T McGuinness Blue 102lbs
2009 R Dawe Blue 100lbs
2008 R Dawe  Blue  75lbs
2007 R Dawe  Blue  85lbs
2006 R Dawe  Blue  75lbs
2005 Jason Stevens Blue  150lbs
2004 T Brooks Blue  75lbs
2003 R Dawe Blue  97lbs
2002 Hilary Casson Blue 111lbs
2001 R Dawe  Blue 83lbs
1999 T Goldsmith Blue 85lbs
1998 G Humphrey Blue 90lbs
1997 J Kimberley Blue  86lbs
1996 J Kimberley Porbeagle 194lbs
1995 J Kimberley Blue  101.5lbs
1994 I Chaston Blue  104.5lbs
1993 N Harvey Blue 89.25lbs
1992 Mrs K Sayer Blue 113lbs
1991 P Allsey Blue 120lbs
1990 Mrs K Sayer Blue 125lbs
1989 J Kimberley  Porbeagle  223lbs
1987 G Clarke  Porbeagle  240lbs
1986 B Askew  Blue  115lbs
1985 D Blewitt Porbeagle 158lbs
1984 J Kimberley Blue 100lbs
1983 J Kimberley  Blue  83lbs
1982 J Kimberley Porbeagle 214lbs
1981 W Hocking Porbeagle 212lbs
1980 J Kimberley Porbeagle 200lbs
1977 D Thompson Blue 96lbs
1976 C F Martin Porbeagle 176lbs
1975 Mrs I A Anderson Blue 102lbs
1974 P Newsam Blue 101.5lbs
1973 E F Wallis Blue 115lbs