The T N Foster Trophy

Awarded annually for the heaviest shark of the season caught by a Member outside British Waters.

At the 26th July 1966 Committee meeting the T N Foster challenge text was altered to read, “Heaviest Shark caught anywhere outside the coastal waters of Britain by a member living in or outside Great Britain, All claims to be made on the Clubs Declaration Forms with the signatures of responsible witnesses”.

The trophy was modified in 2017 by a Looe carpenter to create space for additional winners.

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2018     No Claim
2017 Ben Carter – Southern Ireland 6 Gill 1000lbs
2014 John Shaw – Montauk, USA Blue 220lbs
2012 Chris Bett – Kenya Tiger 600lbs
2011 Chris Bett – Kenya Silver Tip 150lbs
2010 P Woodward Bronze Whaler 165lbs
2007 J Reece Hammerhead 352lbs
2002 J Reece – Durban S.A. Bull 660lbs
2001 M Potter

J Reece





2000 N Duckett Copper 125lbs
1995 R Wooding Blue 353lbs
1991 J Reece 6 Gill 1069lbs
1987 J Reece – Cape Town Hammerhead 331lbs
1986 V Sampson – Florida Tiger 751lbs
1983 F H Schindler – Kenya Mako 237.5lbs
1982 J Reece – Florida Tiger 400lbs
1981 F H Schindler – Kenya Tiger 407lbs
1980 M A Carroll – Miami Grey Hammerhead 265lbs
1979 F H Schindler Tiger 702.75lbs
1976 P Mead – Shimoni, Kenya Tiger 555lbs
1975 J J Holmes – Canary Islands Spinner 178lbs
1973 Mrs A Ballantyne – Canary Islands Blue 187lbs
1972 J Hughes – Bahrain, Arabian Gulf Dusky 201lbs
1971 J Hughes – Jubail, Arabian Gulf Hammerhead 257lbs
1970 J A Shaw – Kinsale, Southern Ireland Blue 98lbs
1968 S G Miller – Bay of Islands, N.Z. Blue 214lbs
1967 P J Wright -Tauranga, N. Z. Thresher 468lbs
1966 W Persoon – Sagres, Portugal Blue 194.5lbs
1965 W H Dutfield – Fiji Islands Bronze Whaler 201lbs
1962 J J Holmes – Sagres, Portugal Hammerhead 225lbs
1961 F C Cobbledick – Kinsale, Southern Ireland Blue 138lbs