My association with the sea goes back to a very early age, as does fishing. During my very early childhood I remember going with my Dad fishing around Oxfordshire, cycling miles just to seek a new fishing spot or visit my favorite old haunts in the hope of catching. I will never forget my Dad travelling from Oxford to Minehead every month with 3 friends, visiting Minehead for a full weekend to Fish aboard Dave Roberts boat. I often greeted them with excitement to see what they had caught, and the stories of what they had lost. I moved to Ilfracombe when I was 21 and started working on the trawlers for a few years, experiencing working life on the sea and all that was entailed in this Treasure hunt of a job.

I always had the desire to be involved in Fishing, and spoke to a Guy called Dave from Camberly that I worked with at the age of 17. He told me with excitement that he heads to a place called Looe in Cornwall and attends a Shark fishing festival once a year….Say that again Dave a shark fishing festival in the UK? I said to Dave I will fish this tournament one day and I will think of you. In 2021 I caught a lovely blue shark from Mevagissey whilst out fishing with Dad who could not fish due to not having the energy that day, this was my qualifier alongside the Tuna fishing in this area of Cornwall its amazing. Alongside my desire to seek and understand the species that are available of this coast is my desire for conservation, prevention of extinction and understanding of the Sharks off this coast. When I attended my first festival last year there was a call for committee members that would attend monthly meetings, share passion, and encourage data to be shared with the right people to continue this for many generations. Since joining the SACGB committee last year I have felt privileged to hold this position, and will continue to do all I can to preserve an amazing life on the sea for those on it….and those special creatures below it.