Last year, the committee took the decision to suspend the awarding of trophies for the capture of Porbeagle sharks, whist seeking clarification of their status from relevant parties. Initial conversations with the Marine Management organisation were contradictory and confusing, so legal advice was sought through the Angling Trust. We have been advised that no legal restrictions apply to the recreational capture of Porbeagle Sharks in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, it is “Prohibited to land Porbeagle Sharks when caught by rod and line, or handline, from a boat in Scottish waters”.

In light of this new information, and the  IUCN red list global stock report for the species1, the committee has decided to reinstate the trophies for Porbeagle Sharks with immediate effect and to aid conservation of this species, visual estimates of fish in the water accompanied by video or photographic evidence will be accepted for these trophies. The committee will, based on the evidence provided, award these trophies to the fish with the largest estimated weight. It is extremely difficult to safely boat large sharks, such as the Porbeagle and photographic evidence of fish still in the water is the safest way to ensure their survival.

We encourage all skippers and anglers to follow the handling advise provided by the club to ensure the wellbeing of released fish.

PLEASE be ultra-careful what (if anything) is posted on social media. 

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