Sercombe Oliver Thresher Trophy

Awarded annually for the best Thresher shark of the season

The original Thresher trophy was donated by the Martini Rossi Company. The minutes of the committee meeting of the 26th September 1958 note that no Threshers were caught that season and the secretary was instructed to write to Martini Rossi to advise that “the trophy had once again found no winner” and that they should reconsider the trophy challenge.

On the 8th November the committee meeting minutes record that there “is evidence of Thresher sharks in the area”,  and the secretary being instructed to write to Martini Rossi to ask them not to change the terms of their trophy.

The last record of an angler winning the Martini Rossi Trophy was in 1990.

The next recorded Thresher award was given in 2002 when Paul Wickham won the Sercombe Oliver Thresher Trophy. It is  not clear when and how the Martini Rossi trophy was replaced by the Sercombe Oliver Trophy and this is currently being investigated by the SACGB

Year Name Species Estimated Weight
1957 No award    
1958 No award    
1959 Brig J A L Caunter Thresher 268lbs
1964 No award    
1965 No award    
1976 P Higgins Thresher 264lbs
1978 R G Hendrie Thresher 114lbs
1982 C R Underhay Thresher 240lbs
1985 R Pakes Thresher 223lbs
1990 M Wade Thresher 280lbs
********* ***************** ***************  
2002 P Wickham Thresher 260lbs
2004 D Vokins Thresher 240lbs
2005 C Allen Thresher 250lbs
2006 D Vokins Thresher 250lbs
2007 D Vokins Thresher 500lbs
2009 D Vokins Thresher 100lbs
2012 M Roberts Thresher 337.5lbs
2013 P Wickham Thresher 250lbs
2017 C Bett Thresher 400lbs
2018     No claim
2019 Alex McKay Thresher 520lbs
2020 Joe Filipe thresher 200lb
2021 Spencer Wright Thresher 210lbs
2022 Chris Avery Thresher 360lbs
2023 Spencer Wright Thresher 180lbs