Sercombe Oliver Mako Trophy

Awarded annually for the best Mako shark of the season

This trophy was donated by Mr S Oliver and accepted by the club at a committee meeting on the 16th June 1956. There have been no claims received by the SACGB for this trophy since 1980 when it was last awarded


Year Name Species Weight
1980 Mrs A A Clemson Mako 130lbs
1977 A Redknap Mako 132lbs
1971 Mrs J Yallop Mako 500lbs
1968 D Griffiths Mako 367lbs
1967  A E Belsten Mako
1965 The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Kimberley Mako
1964 S G Miller Mako 435lbs
1963 B E Stevens Mako
1961 K C Wilson Mako
1960 W E Elliot Mako
1959 W E Buttle Mako
1958 A Menzies Simpson Mako
1957 No award Mako
1956 A Menzies Simpson Mako