May 1989 Newsletter Highlights


Gavin Kingerlee, the new President opened this newsletter by noting that the previous year had been on of change. Brian Tudor being forced by ill health to retire, and Margaret, whose smiling face was missed in the Social Club, had retired to be with him.

The club had been able to secure Charles Anderson as treasurer and Carol Tambling had replaced Brian as steward.

The bar was now busy and it was reported that most of the skippers now used it.

The balance sheet showed a marked improvement over the previous year with the Caunter Room sales having increased substantially. This additional income had enable the committee to purchase some items and also to give consideration to refurbishing the clubhouse. The club now had darts teams etc and it was therefore active throughout the winter months as well which generated extra income.

The best shark had come from Looe, a 160lbs Blue. Padstow sharkers had been active and had managed to catch several good Porbeagles.  Several large sharks had been caught in the nets over the winter, including a 248lbs Thresher and several very large sharks had to be cut loose.  It was also reported that one of the biggest sharks caught in the world in the previous year had come from a Norwegian Fiord


Chairman’s  note – the previous season from a weather perspective had been poor but overall a reasonable one for sharks. The numbers of sharks were down but this was at least partly due to more days spent in the harbour by the sharking boats due to poor weather.

As well as the 160lbs Blue from Looe, a Porbeagle was also landed, which was the first since 1970.

Although the records of landings at Looe were visible the club were still not receiving consistent record reports from other ports and an appeal was made to rectify this.

The mild winter had put the Chairman in an optimistic mood as well and he hoped this would lead to a good season.


Annual General Meeting

Mr Kingerlee, the President opened the meeting by welcoming all then he requested a minutes silence for the passing of Mr Horrex in the summer. Mr Kingerlee also reported the death of Mr Russell, Skipper of the Susie Jean at Padstow. Condolences were passed to each family

Chairmans report – Mr Chaston introduced all present to Mr. Anderson, who had taken over in an honorary capacity from Mr Tudor who had retired from the club due to ill health.

Accounts – Mr Anderson informed all that he had taken over the role at the end of May but due to Brian Tudors ill health it had not been possible to work in parallel with him. However, he felt that the Caunter Room was a viable proposition.

Propositions – Mr Kingerlee informed all that Mr Holt and Mr Aldous, had served the club for many years and proposed that they both be made Vice Presidents of the SACGB. All were in favour

AOB – Mr Taylor asked how the certificates for returned catches had been received by anglers. Mr Chaston confirmed they had been very well accepted.