January 2001 Newsletter Highlights


Murray Collings, Looe Skipper and Chairman of the SACGB opened this newsletter by welcoming the New Year. The previous year had been dogged by weather extremes and with the total number of sharks caught being only 86 it was nice to put 2000 behind and move on.

Although the overall number had been very low, within in were 15 qualifiers so this was a positive which it was hoped would continue.

The millennium festival saw 13 boats put to sea each day but there were no sharks caught.

In December the committee had met with the Shark Trust and spoke with Clive James. With both the SACGB and the Shark Trust having shark conservation as a main focus area there was much common ground and the discussions were very positive with both parties learning from each other.

The practise of having the AGM at the end of the second day of the festival was increasing attendance levels so it was confirmed that this would continue. The Rule Book required updating and the amendments were going to be available prior to the AGM. Members unable to attend was requested to use their postal vote.

The club had now been a booking agency for two seasons and due to this the club was now in a much better and more stable financial position.

A two day reef angling festival for late April was announced.

Saving the best for last, Murray congratulated Margrit Stalder-Griss on her new light line record. A Blue of 75.5lbs taken on 8lbs (4kg) line. He also recognised Neil Duckett for his Blue of 125lbs which Neil had played and landed single handed.