January 1994 Newsletter Highlights


Chris Sinclair opened this newsletter with the hope that the 1994 weather would be an improvement on the previous year. It had been particularly bad for the Festival and in the month of July.

The end of the year seemed a little better as the club already had a couple of trophy claims for sharks caught in October 1993.

The poor catches in 1993 were blamed on the bad July and September weather but in spite of that 85% of those caught had been tagged and released. Most of these sharks were females which encouraged Chris as he hoped they would reproduce and increase future stocks.

Nineteen tags had been returned and the details of these were promised for the next newsletter.

This newsletter was differently constructed, and Chris explains that they were hoping to include a few more features and articles so future newsletters would be more enjoyable to read. He asked the members for their input.


Annual Dinner and Prizegiving

This was held in the Klymiarven Hotel in East Looe, and it was the 41st such event. The hotel was smaller than previous venues but that didn’t stop the fun with the after dinner speakers, “dodging either side of a dividing wall in order to make themselves heard” and Mr “Bonzo” Butters ably assisting the band  on the dance floor with is inflatable electric guitar.


Books and Video – more books and videos were recommended

Sharks, An Illustrated Encyclopedic Survey by International Experts – John Stevens

The Sharks – a 60 minute video produced by the National Geographic

The Great Whites of Dangerous Reef – a 50 minute video produced by Town & Country Promotions