April 1987 Newsletter Highlights


Brian Tudor is still the secretary and the headquarters is on The Quay in Looe.

With 1986 being another disappointing year (122 sharks caught in Looe) Brian starts the newsletter by hoping the coming season is an improvement. Once again, the Blue sharks had been scarce. He also reported that some of the IGFA Biologists were suggesting that detergent pollution was having an adverse effect on the shark population. It was now widely believed that commercial long lining was having an adverse effect as their catch reports were showing an increase

In spite of the poor years interest in the Club was still healthy and new members continued to join.

The Annual Dinner had featured a banquet after a number of years of a grand buffet which had been a great success and it ws hoped that the low attendance at the 1986 event would improve with this change.

Fred Dack had left his job at the Tackle Shop but had now set up business as a rod and reel repairer and had been awarded Shakespeare and others official agent status.

The Caunter Room continued to be popular and the revenue it generated was helping to keep subscription costs low.

More Committee members were requested.


Chairman Note

Allan St. John Holt pointed out the committee decision to reduce the ticket price to £12.50 and encouraged members to visit the Caunter Room and renew old acquaintances. He also used the club trophies to incentivise more member engagement.


Annual General Meeting

The President, Rex Barnes, opened the meeting and continued the Charimans theme of more member engagement by inviting ideas from members with regard to running the club. He also pointed out that skipper support for the dinner/dance was  not forthcoming

The Chairman, Mr Holt extended his thanks to Mr and Mrs Tudor for all the work they had put in to running HQ. He stressed the importance of people being willing to stand for the committee.

He made reference to the Clubs Code of Practice document which was a conservation driven document and stated that members and skippers had accepted it with good grace. It had also received good support and publicity from the press. He concluded by saying that financially the club was maintaining its position both in the Caunter Room and at HQ.