April 1985 Newsletter Highlights


Brian Tudor is still the secretary and the headquarters is on The Quay in Looe.

He opens by apologising for the lateness of the newsletter quoting unforeseen delays at HQ which he hopes are all resolved now. The previous season had seen some improvement in catches over all ports but Blues remained elusive although weights had shown a marginal improvement.

Mr and Mrs Bunney were again at the forefront of records – all with light tackle.

There was a rumour of a concerted effort to catch a big Mako off the SW coast this season and that Brian Taylor, described as a keen new member was at the forefront of this venture.

An incentive called “Jaws 84” had not been a success so the decision had been taken not to continue with this in 1985.

The Annual Dinner had been held at the Portbyhan Hotel and all had enjoyed it and Louis Portman had put on an excellent buffet. However, the structure was restrictive for the SACGB style of gathering and it was felt that a return to the Hannafore Point Hotel was the correct thing to do. Accordingly, it had already been booked and it was hoped that Craig Rich of Television South would attend as chief guest.

The balance sheets had shown a marked improvement, but it was disappointing to note a drop in profit for the Caunter Room in spite of achieving the correct margin on bar sales. The drop in “bandit profit” due to it not being played as much (which was also being seen in other establishments) accounted for the shortfall in 1984. The hope was that the economic situation would improve and with that members may be willing to part more easily with their loose change into the machines.



Chairmans message – Is this the year? Each and everyone must ask themselves this question, whether it be in connection with their personal business life or leisure activities. One undoubtedly is driven to thinking, “are things going to be worse or better for them”. No matter what occurs one must be positive and continue to cast the baited hook into the sea of life, if you don’t you will catch or achieve nothing. Why not cast your baited hook into the sea of leisure, this could be your year, the big ones are still out there.

One cannot be certain of any outcome, but one thing is certain and that is a warm welcome will always await you in the Caunter Room.

I sincerely hope that I shall have the pleasure of meeting as many of you as possible during the coming season and wish you all good luck and success whatever you are endeavouring to achieve.

Kind Regards

Vic Aldous


Caunter Room – the 25th May saw the SACGB celebrating 10 years of having their own Clubhouse


Annual General Meeting

Mr Barnes, the President welcomed all and as had now been the case for many years commented on the small number of sharks, but that things could improve.

Vic Aldous, the Chairman followed and noted that it was always a good think for those running the club to meet new members and exchange ideas. He mentioned the Jaws 84 project and said this had been the brainchild of the Vice Chairman. The committee had then discussed the project at great length before agreeing to launch it.

He said it was difficult to assess its impact but he could categorically state that it had done no harm to the club or the sport.

He commented on the low number of sharks observing that although numbers were down, the quality of the catches had been better. He went on to commend the skippers saying they were putting every effort into satisfying the anglers and that the Club wished to place this on record.

He briefly mentioned finances noting that income was up by 18%. He said the Caunter Room was in a good position saying there was one darts team this year as compared to three the previous year which had won the league. He went on to say that the secretary had some ideas for the Clubhouse during the coming winter, such as dominoes etc

He concluded by assuring those present that the previous evenings dinner would be discussed fully at the next committee meeting.

Accounts – once again HQ had been affected by the lack of sharks but during the current year subscriptions had increased which resulted in more members so the outlook was good.


Emblems and Pricing was as follows:

Blazer badges – £4.50

Car badges – £12.00

Gold pins – £8.00

Ties – narrow £2.50, Wool £1.10. wide £4.50

Plaques – £1.00

Anorak badges – £2.00

Table lighter – £18.00

Parker RBI pen – £2.50

Key Rings – 60p

Lapel badges – £1.75

Blue pennant – £2.50

Wall shield – £10.00

Car stickers – 50p

Pocket lighters – £12.00

Darts flights _ 50p

Burgees – £12.00



Life – £66.00

Full – £6.60

Family – £3.30

Skipper – £4.40

Social – £3.80

Affiliated clubs – £10.00