April 1984 Newsletter Highlights


Brian Tudor is still the secretary and the headquarters is on The Quay in Looe.

One again Brian had to open a Newsletter hoping for a better season. This time he pleaded to “Big Brother” to use his influence on the shark population and bring larger and more plentiful game fish off our shores than in recent years.

The past season although larger in numbers (284 in 1983 compared to 186 in 1982) had again been disappointing especially where Blues were concerned.

Once again many reasons were provided; less boats going out, more owners changing to larger commercial vessels, and reports of increased long-lining off the European seaboard hence depleting the migration of Blues into the channel.

Ian Bunney and Brian Taylor were joined with a new member from West Germany with light tackle records.

For the first time in many years it was reported that the Annual Dinner attendance was not so well attended so next year there would be no increase in the ticket price.  The tactic of holding the AGM after the dinner had increased the level of attendance at the AGM so this was going to be repeated.

Once again subscriptions increased, but they had remained static for the past 5 years.

The balance sheet showed that the Clubhouse had went from strength to strength whilst the office account continued to be adversely affected by the shortage of shark catches. It was hoped that the increased subscription would lead to an improve income which would require less subsidy from the Clubhouse.

Temporary membership was also now available and the restriction of two tickets per member for the 103 Club had been lifted.

The Mor-Son Sportfishing International competition was being held in Grand Cayman this year and the top prize was $1,000,000 …. Yes that $1 million.

In contrast the SACGB reported that they hoped to be in a position to arrange a sponsored Cash Prize for the months of June to September………

News had also reached the headquarters from the IGFA regarding the First World Angling Conference which was to be held at Cap D’Agde, Southern France in September.


Annual General Meeting

The Chairman, Mr Kingerlee welcomed all and explained during the course of the year, the President had resigned. He did not wish to go into details, suffice to say that there had been disagreements and that Mr Miller had taken the honourable course of action. He expressed the thanks of the committee to Mr Miller for all his work and he hoped it would be possible to enjoy his company in the Club in future.

At the start of the Chairmans report Mr Kingerlee expressed his regret at Mr Millers resignation but also wished to emphasise that the committee had been unanimous in their decision in accepting it.

He went on to comment on the previous season and acknowledged it had been patchy. He observed however that the percentage of sharks caught were up on the previous year concluding in his view that sharks were there to be caught. He then praised the skippers for their diligence and enthusiasm.

Message from the Chairman –  Vic Aldous wrote for the first time since being elected saying that he was extremely proud to be able to serve the club. He hoped that 1984 would be a better year and wished tight lines to all.

Message from the President – since the formation of the club there had only been three Presidents. I was fortunate enough to become a member in 1953, since that date I have served on committees for thirteen years, Chairman for nine years, Vice President for seven years and not forgetting many years as a professional skipper.

It was during these years that I made many lasting friendships from home and abroad. It is therefore with great pride and pleasure that I send you all greetings from the fourth President of the SACGB. I will make every effort to meet personally all those who come to our lovely town this coming season.

The Caunter Room, where you will be given a warm welcome by Brian and Margaret, is doing extremely well and is used extensively by members and skippers alike, where I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you some evening after your, I trust, successful sharking trip.

I would also remind you of our Annual Prize Giving Dinner and Dance at the Hannafore Point Hotel. I sincerely hope that many members will make a special effort this year to ensure that our 32nd Annual event is one to remember. How nice it would be see again some of our older members, those who do not fish anymore, coming down to say hello. It would indeed be as wonderful culmination of my long association with the Club to have as many members as possible joining together with the Chairman, Committee and myself on this occasion.

Kindest Regards to you all

Rex Barnes