April 1983 Newsletter Highlights


Brian Tudor is still the secretary and the headquarters is on The Quay in Looe.

As so many newsletters prior this one started with the hope that this season things would improve sharkwise. It was also hoped that the Club could maintain their financial position going forward.

Number of Blues caught from Looe in 1982 was 186 which was marginally better than in 1981 when only 160 had been caught. The belief was that given a warm summer and an absence of “the dreaded plankton” which had troubled Looe for the past two years things would change for the better.

On a better note a new Thresher all tackle record had been achieved by a new member, S Mills taken off Gosport in his won boat.

Ian Bunney and Brian Taylor had also achieved success in their light tackle trips.

The Annual Dinner continued to please and a band called “The Sweeney” had proven to be a popular change from the disco.

This year the AGM date had been changed to coincide with the Annual Dinner in order that those attending could have the opportunity to combine “business with pleasure”.

A request was made for any skippers willing to tag Blues this season to contact Brian.

Subscriptions were set to increased from £5.50 to a possible £6.60 per annum.  Members were asking of donations would be accepted by the club and the answer was, “yes”. The reason given for this request was that many members local club fees were higher than those of the SACGB so some members were looking to give a little extra.

The 103 Club had not been as well subscribed as it had been hoped, however it had been decided to continue it for another year.

An EGM was announced in order that a temporary membership proposition could be dealt with prior to the season.

Treasurer Report – It was reported that 1981’s financial success had proven not to be a “flash in the pan” and that the Caunter Room finances remained on course in spite of some non-recurring expenses, eg refurbishment

The Headquarters finances had been affected by the lack of shark numbers and therefore a lack of new membership income.


Annual General Meeting – After welcoming everyone, the President, Mr Miller went on to comment that the SACGB had always been a viable institution but that there had been a recent occasion when it was pressed financially to subsidise the Caunter Room.

The Committee had been faced with option of ceasing trading and closing the Club altogether or continuing subsidising the social activities out of main funds. The Committee had been against the latter course of action, simply because it benefitted a few local people and very few up-country members, but the had decided give the Caunter Room another chance, giving it a set period to in which to make itself financially viable.

He was pleased to be able to say that the Caunter Room was now trading successfully but stressed that it would only be allowed to continue as long as it remained successful

Chairmans Report– The Chairman, Mr G Kingerlee said he had been in office for two years and looking back he was pleased to be able to say that in general it had been a successful period. He was pleased to note that the committee had grown in numbers during his term and that everyone held independent views and decisions were reached in a democratic manner by voting.

He commented on the numbers of sharks caught out of Looe which was 160 out of which 62 had been weighed and there had been 41 qualifiers. He gave his support to the policy of preserving the species by only weighing the heavier sharks. He confirmed that there had been 18 new members at Looe and that members from other ports had numbered 40.


Accounts – these were presented and when the assembled group were asked if they had any queries there were none. Mr Kingerlee then asked Mr Pillar to comment on the accounts. At the previous AGM Mr Pillar had pointed out that the Caunter Room costs exceeded its income. Mr Pillar responded by saying he was delighted to see the improvement in the financial situation.


British and World Records

12lbs line class British and World Record – I Bunney with a 142lbs 15oz Porbeagle

16lbs line class British and World Record – B Taylor with a 382lbs Porbeagle

20lbs line class British and World Record – I Bunney with a 336lbs Porbeagle


50lbs line class British Record – S Mills with a 323lbs Thresher

50lbs line class British Record – J Jones with aa 298lbs Porbeagle