April 1981 Newsletter Highlights


Brian Tudor is still the secretary and the headquarters is on The Quay in Looe.


Shark numbers had continued to increase to 478 out of Looe in 1980.  New members from other Ports had kept up while Looe membership had reduced by 16.

The results of the 1979 IGFA Fishing Contest were available and Dr C S Reaves had achieved first place with a 196lbs Porbeagle and I Bunney with a 109lbs Porbeagle, both caught off Padstow.

The sharking fleet numbers had remained about the same and costs had increased to circa £12 per person per day due to fuel increases.

The decision to remove associate membership had been a positive as it had ended the landing of lightweight sharks.

Brian mentions that the Caunter Room viability must improve this year, which is in stark contrast to the praise it had received over the past 5 years.

The Annual Dinner had been a “resounding success” with its format of a Buffet and Disco. The chief guest was Craig Rich, off BBC fame who had, “very ably entered into the spirit of the evening”. The forecast price for the coming event was £10 which was an 11% increase. Inflation was still very much a key driver in all things…

Mr C Preston had donated a trophy in memory of his wife. It was to be called the Pearl Trophy and to be awarded annually for the best shark caught by a member residing in Lancashire.

Another big Porbeagle had been caught in February in nets off Looe. This time it was 300lbs plus.

Members were invited to join the IGFA. The fee was $15 which was approx. £8 at the time.

Brians secretary Beryl had left the role to return to London.  The role had now been taken over by Sheila Pearson.

Frank and Lil Hoskin who owned a tackle shop in Looe had now taken semi-retirement. The business was now owned by Colin Cotton and managed by Fred Dack who would be available to take bookings.


Sweatshirts were added to the branded stock and were available at a cost of £8.50


Treasurers Report – in general there was a financial confidence around the club, “in spite of the state of the Caunter Room”

The Caunter Room excess of expenditure over income was said not to be as “worrying as it as it appears” as the £430 was purely a book figure as it was depreciation.

Income had increased but this had been offset by increased expenditure in the following areas:

Professional fees account, Rent, Rates, Heating & Lighting, Telephone, Maintenance account, Interest account and increased wages.  The hope was that these costs could be contained in the coming year and offset by further increases in income.

The loan account had been reduced to £400 and was targeted to be repaid by 1st May 1981 and therefore within 8 months of the promisory date.


Contact List – details of shark centre contacts were given for Aberystwyth, Appledore, Falmouth, Looe, Lynmouth, Mevagissey, Padstow, Penznace, St Helier C.I., and Shoreham.


Annual General Meeting

Mr Miller started by recognising the welcome increase in shark numbers and pointed to a 130lbs Mako caught by a lady member out of Mevagissey and a 270lbs Porbeagle caught out of Padstow.

He said that last year he had pontificated on the reasons for poor catches and he was not going to do that again this year although he did feel the same reasons existed, ie climatic

He said sharks are animals of choice and they will go where they will. If they come “this way” we will catch them.

Another factor is that previously there were 23 boats involved in sharking and now there were 12 or so. Being around half the number it was therefore likely that half the number of sharks would be caught.

He wished all anglers every success and hoped that what they caught, they would return alive. He referred to his previous years comments when he had said that “we” have done much to destroy the sharks in this area by bringing in the little ones.

He ended by referring to the vote to be held later which was to discontinue Associate Membership of the Club and so remove the killing of small sharks

Chairmans Report – Mr Toms thanked the secretary of assisting him over the three years he had now served and that he was glad the Caunter Room was doing well.

He went on to say that sharks over the fifteen years he had been fishing had declined and the proposition to discontinue Associate membership must be passed.  He went on to say that Padstow were already feeling the effect of catching too many small sharks and the Isle of Wight, which was once a topic of conversation for everyone rarely saw sharks now. He concluded that the same could happen to Padstow.

Mr Toms said he was proud to have been able to serve as Chairman for three years and that Mr Kingerlee would do a first-class job.