Monthly Trophies

A trophy is awarded to the member catching the best Shark for each month during the season


Year Name Species Estimated Weight
April 2017 Ben Carter Porbeagle 158lbs
June 2017 John Crotty Porbeagle 177lbs
July 2017 Des Kendall Blue  197lbs
August 2017 Chris Bett Thresher  400lbs
June 2016 John Crotty Porbeagle 170lbs
July 2016 John Sleeman Blue  113lbs
August 2016 Ian Harbage Blue 113lbs
September 2016 Alex McKay Blue  170lbs
October 2016 Chris Bett Blue 140lbs
June 2015 Roy Crossthwaite
July 2015 Steve Dawe
August 2015 Clive Read & Chris Avery
September 2015 Des Kendall
October 2015 David Morris
June 2014 R Nethersole
July 2014 Andy Adams
August 2014 Richard Day
September 2014 Chris Bett
October 2014 Steve Chivers & Chris Bett
June 2013 David Morris Porbeagle 102lbs
July 2013 P Wickham Thresher  250lbs
August 2013 Chris Bett Blue 156.5lbs
September 2013 Andy Griffith  Porbeagle  167.lbs
July 2012 Billy Whistance Blue  95lbs
August 2012 Malcolm Roberts Porbeagle 337.5lbs
September 2012 M Pollard Porbeagle 248lbs
June 2011 David Morris 102lbs
July 2011 Ian King 125lbs
August 2011 D Collins  152.5lbs
September 2011 Richard Day  Blue  106lbs
October 2011 Steve Chivers  Blue  154lbs
June 2010 John Lock
July 2010 Steve Chivers
August 2010 David Morris
September 2010 Martin Davies
October 2009 Martin Davies
July 2009 Hilary Casson

John Lock





September 2009 Richard Day

Paul Woodward





October 2009 Murray Collings Blue 90lbs
July 2008 Paul Whistance Blue 111lbs
August 2008 Richard Day Blue 85lbs
October 2008 Chris Bett Blue 119lbs
February 2007 Joe Edward Porbeagle 214lbs
July 2007 Danny Vokins Thresher 300lbs
August 2007 Danny Vokins Thresher 500lbs
September 2007 Steve Chivers Blue 102lbs
June 2006 Bill Caveill Blue 75lbs
July 2006 Martin Shipp Blue 125lbs
August 2006 Danny Vokins Thresher 250lbs
September 2006 Danny Vokins Blue 120lbs
October 2006 Billy Whistance Blue 95lbs
November 2006 David Bell Porbeagle 266lbs
December 2006 Keith Wilkinson Porbeagle 214lbs
May 2005 Danny Vokins Porbeagle 220lbs
July 2005 Bill Caveill Blue 113lbs
August 2005 Chris Allen Thresher 250lbs
September 2005 Peter Hurst Blue 85lbs
November 2005 Martin Mitchell Porbeagle
December 2004 Richard Miller Porbeagle 221lbs
July 2004 Richard Day Blue 170lbs
 August 2004  Daniel Vokins  Thresher  240lbs
 September 2004  Steve Chivers  Blue  110lbs
 December 2003  Joe Edward  Porbeagle  281lbs
 May 2003  Danny Vokins  Porbeagle  130lbs
 June 2003  Darren Vokins Porbeagle  230lbs
 July 2003  Richard Please  Blue  155lbs
 August 2003  Richard Day  Blue  135lbs
 September 2003  Danny Vokins  Blue  120lbs
 May 2002  Paul Wickham  Porbeagle  130lbs
 June 2002  Paul Wickham  Thresher  260lbs
 July 2002  Dicky Dawe  Blue  85lbs
 August 2002  Hilary Casson  Blue  111lbs
 June 2001  J Bain  Blue  95lbs
 July 2001  Toby Dixon  Blue  88lbs
 August 2001  J Griss  Blue  117lbs
 September 2001  R Preece Blue  118lbs
 June 2000  Paul Bartlett-Wickham  Porbeagle  165lbs
 July 2000  John Lock  Blue  82lbs
 August 2000  Neil Duckett  Blue  125lbs
 May 1999  John Kimberley  Porbeagle  174lbs
 June 1999  Billy Whistance  Blue  92lbs
 July 1999 Danny Vokins  Porbeagle  190lbs
 August 1999  Richard Day  Blue  115lbs
 June 1998  Glenn Humphrey  Blue  90lbs
 July 1998  Kevin Tapper  Blue  115lbs
 August 1998  Andy Adams Blue  92lbs
 June 1997  Michael Stroud Blue  82lbs
 July 1997  Peter Judd Blue  92lbs
 August 1997  John Kimberley Blue  86lbs
 September 1997  Malcolm Thomas Blue  132lbs
 July 1995  A Walther  Blue  132lbs
 August 1995  John Kimberley  Blue  101.5lbs
 July 1994  I Chaston  Blue  104.5lbs
 August 1994  S Staniford  Blue  109lbs
 September 1994  J Weait  Blue  91lbs
 October 1994  John Ardin  Blue  123.5lbs
 August 1993  Andy Adams  Blue  114lbs
 September 1993  Kevin Swift  Blue  126lbs
 May 1991  P Scott Porbeagle  210lbs
 June 1991  Paul Allsey Blue  100lbs
 July 1991  M Stalder-Griss Blue  104lbs
 August 1991  D Vokins Porbeagle  259lbs
 September 1991  Dave Keen Blue  125lbs
 June 1990  G D Hunt Blue
 July 1990  Karen Sayer Blue
 August 1990  M Wade Thresher
 September 1990  K White Blue
 May 1987  S D Walters Porbeagle  164lbs
 June 1987  Dr. Anthony Porbeagle  103lbs
 July 1987  J Filipe Porbeagle  210lbs
 August 1987  R Gray Porbeagle  150lbs
 May 1986  I Bunney Porbeagle  416lbs
 June 1986  R Smart Porbeagle  132lbs
 July 1986  B Taylor Blue  112lbs
 August 1986  D Vokins Porbeagle  169lbs
 September 1986 R Barnard  Blue  111lbs
 June 1985  P Scott  Porbeagle  116lbs
 July 1985  R Pakes  Thresher  223lbs
 August 1985  I Bunney  Porbeagle  274lbs
 September 1985  Mrs P Bunney  Porbeagle  109lbs
 June 1984  R Parson  Porbeagle  150lbs
 July 1984  A Young  Porbeagle  250lbs
 September 1984  G Kingerlee  Blue  77lbs
 May 1983  I Bunney  Porbeagle  92lbs
 June 1983  B Taylor  Porbeagle  100lbs
 July 1983  R Gray  Porbeagle  125lbs
 August 1983  A Losinski  Blue  112lbs
 September 1983  I Bunney  Porbeagle  246lbs
 May 1982  I Bunney  Porbeagle  142lbs
 June 1982  P J De Prez  Porbeagle  436lbs
 July 1982  B Taylor  Porbeagle  382lbs
 August 1982  J Cummings  Blue  106lbs
 September 1982  M J Till  Porbeagle  252lbs
 May 1981  D Balfour  Porbeagle  100lbs
 June 1981  W Hocking  Porbeagle  212lbs
 July 1981  L Stoller  Porbeagle  268lbs
 August 1981  P Beech  Blue 133lbs
 September 1981  I Bunney  Porbeagle  300lbs
 June 1980  R Parson  Porbeagle  150lbs
 July 1980  A Young  Porbeagle  250lbs
 September 1980  G Kingerlee  Blue  77lbs
 May 1977  I Bunney  Porbeagle  250lbs
 June 1977  S A V Casey  Blue  115lbs
 July 1977  P Crozier Blue  121lbs
 August 1977  R Stamp  Blue  110lbs
 September 1977  A M Gibbs  Blue  90lbs
 May 1976  G Evans  Blue  102lbs
 June 1976  A Jiovanny  Porbeagle  365lbs
 July 1976  P Higgins  Thresher  264lbs
 August 1976  P J White  Porbeagle  404lbs
 September 1976  Dr. G Hamza  Porbeagle  202lbs