Mitchell-Hedges Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark of the season

This trophy was donated to the club by our first President, Mr F A Mitchell-Hedges at the first club General Meeting in the Hannafore Point Hotel in Looe on the 25th January 1953.

At that point in time the trophy had a value of £200 and it was used as security with the bank for the club to obtain start up funds via an overdraft.

It was originally called the Mitchell-Hedges Shark Trophy and was for the heaviest fish of the season. At the May committee meeting in the following year it was renamed the Mitchell-Hedges Cup. It was further agreed that it would be for the “best shark”, based on the percentage in relation to the British Record and not the heaviest as previous.



Year Name Species Estimated Weight
2023 William Whistance Porbeagle 405lbs
2022 Chris Avery Thresher 360lbs
2021 Simon Davidson Porbeagle 550lbs
2020 Ian Beaufoy Porbeagle 300lbs
2019 Harvey O’Malley Blue 173lbs
2018 Kevin Tapper Blue 138lbs
2017 Chris Bett Thresher 400lbs
2016 Alex McKay Blue  
2015 Chris Avery, Clive Read & Des Kendall Blue 135lbs
2014 Chris Bett Blue 186lbs
2013 Andy Griffith Blue 167lbs
2012 M Roberts Thresher 337.5lbs
2011 Steve Chivers Blue 154lbs
2010 M Davies Blue 196lbs
2009 P Woodward & Richard Day  Blue  137.5lbs & 125lbs
2008 Chris Bett Blue 119lbs
2007 D Vokins Thresher 500lbs
2006 D Vokins Blue 120lbs
2005 C Allen Thresher 250lbs
2004 Richard Day Blue 170lbs
2003 R Please Blue 155lbs
2002 P Wickham Thresher 260lbs
2001 J Griss  Blue  117lbs
2000 N Duckett  Blue  129lbs
1999 Richard Day  Blue  123lbs
1998 Kevin Tapper Blue 115lbs
1997 M Thomas Blue 132lbs
1996 J Griss Blue 109.5lbs
1995 A Walther Blue 132lbs
1994 J Ardin Blue 123.5lbs
1993 K Swift Blue 126lbs
1992 J H Fox Blue 113.5lbs
1991 Dave Keen Blue 125lbs
1990 M Wade Thresher 280lbs
1989 Ken Horsfield Blue 134.5lbs
1988 D Pottinger Porbeagle 376lbs
1987 G Clarke Porbeagle 240lbs
1986 I Bunney Porbeagle 416lbs
1985 R Pakes Thresher 223lbs
1984 Dr. G Beaumont Porbeagle 308lbs
1983 I Bunney Porbeagle 246lbs
1982 P J De Prez Porbeagle 436lbs
1981 I Bunney Porbeagle 300lbs
1980 A Young Porbeagle 250lbs
1979 J Potier Porbeagle 295lbs
1978 R I Cottrell Porbeagle 450lbs
1977 I A Bunney Porbeagle 250lbs
1976 P Higgins Thresher  
1975 W G Bowry Thresher 241lbs
1974 C G Austin Blue 130lbs
1973 T Sheen Blue 142.5lbs
1972 A H Hendersby Blue 122lbs
1971 Mrs J M Yallop Mako 500lbs
1970 Mrs P Smith Porbeagle 369lbs
1969 T Pailes Porbeagle 302lbs
1968 T Prince Porbeagle 306.5lbs
1967 A E Belsten Mako 410lbs
1966 F Junius Porbeagle 244lbs
1965 The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Kimberley Mako 390lbs
1964 S G Miller Mako 435lbs
1963 B E Stevens Mako 385lbs
1962 L J Hawkins Porbeagle 195lbs
1961 B D Phillips Porbeagle 227lbs
1960 P Betts Blue 164lbs
1959 G W Hazlewood Blue 198lbs
1958 A M Simpson Mako 324lbs
1957 Mrs Heathorne Porbeagle 271lbs
1955-56 A M Simpson Mako 335.5lbs
1954-55 H Whiddett Blue 180lbs