European Trophy

Awarded annually for the best shark caught in British Waters by a Member resident in Europe (excluding Great Britain)

At the committee meeting of 12th November 1968 the secretary advised the meeting that several European members who attended one of the annual dinners had approached him with the suggestion that the Club provide a trophy to be competed for internationally between European Countries. This was proposed by Mr G Nancollas and seconded by Lt Cdr. Horrex and carried unanimously.  At a later committee meeting on the 17th December 1968 the secretary reported the feedback from the European Members when they had been advised of the trophy was that they wished it to be for the best shark over 75lbs caught in British Waters during the season by a member resident in Europe (excluding Great Britain). The winner was also to be awarded a free days fishing in the following year from any Port in Great Britain equivalent to the value of £12 maximum, or the free purchase of goods to this value from any tackle shop advertising the SACGB Newsletter.  This was proposed by Lt. Cdr. J S Horrex and seconded by Brig. Caunter and carried unanimously

Year Name Species Weight
2018 Paul Whistance Blue 82lbs
2011 M Rietveld Blue 106lbs
2008 Paul Whistance  Blue  111lbs
2007 J Griss  Blue  75lbs
2005 M Rietveld Blue  85lbs
2004 J Griss  Blue  75lbs
2001 J Griss  Blue 117lbs
2000 M Stalder-Griss Blue 75.5lbs
1998 M Stalder-Griss Blue 111lbs
1997 J Griss  Blue  75lbs
1996 J Griss Blue 109lbs
1991 Mrs M Stalder-Griss Blue 104lbs
1989 J Griss  Blue  96lbs
1982 P Meesemaker Blue 98lbs
1980 J Stokx Blue 78lbs
1979 J L Etroye Blue 78.5lbs
1978 H De Vos Porbeagle 100lbs
1977 W Elfering Blue 99lbs
1976 B P Spaay Blue 98.75lbs
1975 H Boom Blue 82lbs
1974 Cdr. C R Manders Blue 102lbs
1973 Theo Wetterau Blue 124lbs
1972 Cdr. C R Manders Blue 85lbs
1971 Dr. U Guilini Blue 76lbs
1970 K Blaschek Blue 79lbs
1969 J Hakbijl Blue 93.5lbs