Bob Woodman

My name is Bob Woodman and I am the current Chairman of the SACGB. I was a full-time commercial fisherman for 25+ years, mostly trawling and scalloping. Always being a keen angler, I decided in 2001 to come ashore and spend more time trying to catch fish on a rod as opposed to a net. I bought a small boat and targeted bass and pollack. I also do a fair bit of sharking on fine days. At this time, I also started my electrical contracting business.

I replaced my original boat with my present boat, Blue Mist, which has a fishing licence so I can sell the fish as a secondary income. My aim for the future of the SACGB is to see the continued growth of the club.  In the past the club has been mainly concerned with shark fishing in Looe, I feel that we need to continue to seek interest from other shark angling ports.