Alan Caunter Trophy

 Awarded annually for the best shark of the season by a Female Member

At the committee meeting on the 2nd August 1953 Brigadier J A L Caunter C.B.E., M.C. donated this trophy. His request was that it be a challenge trophy which would be competed for annually by lady club members. It was accepted by the committee and was named The Alan Caunter Trophy

Year Name Species Weight
2023 Victoria Baldwin Blue 114lbs
2022 Zoe Page Blue 66lbs
2021 Stephanie Jones Blue 114lbs
2020 Angela Spearing Blue 70lbs
2019 Stephanie Jones Blue 66.6lbs
2018 Angela Spearing Blue 82.5lbs
2017 Angela Spearing Blue 66lbs
2016 Di Rout Blue 90lbs
2015 No award    
2014 No award    
2013 S Coles Blue 92lbs
2012 No award    
2011 M Rietveld Blue 106lbs
2010 Di Rout    
2009 Hilary Casson Blue 100lbs
2008 No award    
2007 No award    
2006 No award    
2005 M Rietveld Blue  
2004 No award    
2003 No award    
2002 Hilary Casson Blue 111lbs
2001 No award   400lbs
2000 No award   400lbs
1999 L Fall Blue 82lbs
1998 Mrs M Stalder-Griss Blue 111lbs
1997 No award    
1996 Mrs M Stalder-Griss Blue 90lbs
1995 No award    
1994 No award    
1993 Mrs J Fox Blue 99.5lbs
1992 Mrs J Fox Blue 113.5lbs
1991 Mrs M Stalder-Griss Blue 104lbs
1990 Mrs K Sayer Blue 125lbs
1989 No award    
1988 No award    
1987 No award    
1986 No award    
1985 Mrs M Wright Blue 82lbs
1984 Mr P Bunney Porbeagle 89.5lbs
1983 No award    
1982 R Gray Porbeagle 260lbs
1981 Mrs P Bunney Porbeagle 176lbs
1980 Mrs A Clemson Mako 130lbs
1979 Mrs P Bunney Porbeagle 152lbs
1978 Mrs P Bunney Porbeagle 145lbs
1977 Mrs D Butler Porbeagle 208lbs
1976 Mrs B Thompson Blue 87lbs
1975 Mrs I M Anderson Blue 102lbs
1974 Mrs I M Anderson Blue 90lbs
1973 Mrs A Clemson Blue 82lbs
1972 Mrs S M Maddock Blue 80lbs
1971 Mrs J M Yallop Mako 500lbs
1970 Mrs P Smith Porbeagle 369lbs
1969 Mrs B Melbourne Blue 125lbs
1968 Mrs Sonia Speets Blue 111lbs
1967 Mrs K Gilbert Blue 99lbs
1966 Mrs A Herbert Blue 108lbs
1965 The Rt. Hon. The Countess of Cowley Blue 110lbs
1964 Mrs H Eathorne Blue 142lbs
1963 Mrs H E Brunt Blue 95lbs
1962 Mrs Kupper Blue 114lbs
1961 Mrs H Eathorne Blue 112lbs
1960 Mrs E M Dare Blue 136lbs
1959 No award    
1958 Mrs H Eathorne Blue 112lbs
1957 Mrs H Eathorne Porbeagle 271lbs
1956 No award    
1955 Mrs H Eathorne Mako 352lbs
1954 Mrs D Case Blue 106lbs
1953 Mrs Daphne Case Blue 113.5lbs