You may remember that at the AGM this year the following proposition from Paul Martin was passed:

Currently, if anyone wishes to claim a British record, they have 2 weeks with which to put a claim forward whereas anyone can put a claim in for a club trophy right up until the 30th of September for that season.

 I propose that if we give people a 4-week period from catching the fish to put a claim in, we could discuss any trophy claims at each monthly meeting. A 4-week period would still allow people to get any video or photographic evidence from other anglers/skippers (instantly now via

email/Bluetooth/ social media) or still allow the option of snail mail.

 This information for best fish could be uploaded to the league table and then would reduce the need to boat a fish which was a qualifier but fell short of the current leader. There would be no need to name the person or port, just the weight or estimated weight of the fish. It would also mean less hassle at the end of the season for the committee when sorting out the winners for the season.

 Most club members I know are well aware of which trophies they are able to claim for, so they hopefully should be on board with this. Even if the option of visually estimated claims does not go through at the AGM, this could still be a step towards better shark welfare.

Therefore, all claims must now be made within the four-week period after the catch and, as usual, photographic evidence must be provided!