2018 Festival Entrance Fee Payment Options

Following a member request the committee have agreed to a payment plan for the 2018 festival.

To secure your place in next years festival you now have two options.

Option one is a £100 deposit before end of September 2017 with the balance of £275 being paid before 31st March 2018

Option two is an initial deposit of £75 before end of September followed by 6 monthly payments of £50 (see below)

Option two allows members to book a place and spread the cost over a number of months.

Securing bookings earlier enables the club to book skippers earlier which gives them certainty and helps them to manage their customer bookings.

The monthly detail plan is given below. To sign up please visit the website, download, complete and return the form to the SACGB.

Please note we already have a number of secured bookings so if you wish to take advantage of this payment plan please complete and return the form at your earliest opportunity

Please do not transfer any money until we confirm receipt of your completed and signed agreement form

Monthly Plan (option two)

Month                                  Payment

September                         £75

October                               £50

November                          £50

December                           £50

January                                £50

February                              £50

March                                   £50

You can download a copy of the 2018 Festival application form here