2017 Festival

Despite the challenging conditions of day two, the festival anglers caught and released a total of 64 sharks over the three days.

The joint winners for the largest shark were Terry Field and Bob Woodman with fish of 118 points. With there being two joint winners there was no runner up. John Lock took third place with a fish of 115 points.

The angler with most sharks was Jake Jackson with 5 fish

The Skippers prizes were won by Dave Bond (Mystique ll) for the most sharks over three days with 12 fish. Andre Theoret (Top Cat) and Murray Collings (Swallow ll) shared the prize for the largest shark

Day one saw 24 fish caught and released and got the competition off to a good start. As we woke up on day two it was evident the forecast was correct and with very little wind the boats sat in the rubby dubby with floats having a mind of their own. Despite these challenging conditions the team caught and released 15 sharks.

Day three delivered similar conditions to day one and gave us 25 sharks which were all safely released.

Throughout the event the other side of angling was enjoyed to the full as many caught up again, sometimes for the first time since last year. Stories told and re-told, and past events remembered. Lots of debate and discussion and even mild disagreement about “how best to”….. but as with all SACGB anglers, the thing we have in common is our love for the sport, and our commitment to our policy of catch and release to support the conservation of the fish we seek and respect … The Shark