Trophy Achievement Points Estimated Weight Winner
Mitchell Hedges Best Shark of the season   Mako – 435lbs S G Miller
Mickey Wonnall Runner up to Mitchell Hedges   Mako – 370lbs M Furness
Norman Lorraine Best Blue Shark of the season   Blue – 184lbs R G Richardson-Hill
  Runner up to Norman Lorraine   Blue – 157lbs R H Ives
Sammy Porbeagle Best Porbeagle Shark of the season   Porbeagle -123lbs R G Richardson-Hill
Alan Caunter Best Shark of season by a Lady Member   Blue – 142lbs Mrs H Eathorne
  Runner up to Alan Caunter   Blue – 114lbs Mrs H Eathorne
Sercombe Oliver Best Mako Shark of season    Mako – 435lbs S G Miller
  Runner up to Sercombe Oliver    Mako – 370lbs M Furness
Martin Rossi Best Thresher Shark of season     No award
Barbican (A Orcutt) Trophy Heaviest Shark caught single handed   Blue – 157lbs R H Ives
Venning Trophy Most outstanding or unusual capture of the season   Mako – 435lbs S G Miller
SACGB Trophy Most Sharks over 100lbs in the season    Joint Winners R G Richardson-Hill & Mrs H Eathorne
T N Foster Heaviest Shark caught by a Member overseas     No Award
Phil Heathman First Shark of the calendar year of 75lbs or more   Blue – 97lbs (31/5/64) R G Rule
Auger First Shark of 100lbs or more caught in the season   Blue – 112lbs (8/6/64) F G Jessop
Leslie Andrews Light Tackle Best Shark 0n 50lbs breaking strain line or under   Blue – 63.5lbs on 16lbs b/s line S James
  Runner up to Leslie Andrews     G Tucker
W K Wileman Trophy Best Shark caught during the season by a Member resident in the Midlands   Blue – 112lbs F E Jessop
  Runner up to W K Wileman   Blue – 90lbs J Wallbank
R C Roberts Best qualifying Shark of the season   Mako – 449lbs F N Cook
  Runner up to R C Roberts   Porbeagle – 261lbs W Kern
Daphne Case Trophy Best Shark caught by a member resident in Looe   Blue – 75lbs I Chaston
Marsden Sutcliffe Trophy Best Shark caught by a junior member over 12 years and under 16 years of age   Blue – 105lbs  Stephen Kemp-King
J J Holmes Best Shark caught during the season by a member resident in Sussex   Blue – 101lbs A R M Visick

Plaques – awarded for best Shark caught each month

Month Winner
October 1963 J P Heydeman (Holland)
June 1964 S G Miller
July R H Ives
August C Capel
September Mrs H Eathorne
October W E Elliot

Skippers Trophies

Trophy Achievement Winner
Cock of the Fleet Boat with largest number of sharks Renee – 269 sharks
T Clark Highest average daily catch (40 trips to qualify) R Vinnicombe, 3.17
  Runner up to T Clark I Chaston, 3.06
Looe Fishermans Protection To the owner of the boat winning Cock of the Fleet I Chaston
  Runner  up to Looe Fishermans Protection E Williams