Trophy Achievement Points Estimated Weight Winner
Mitchell Hedges Best Shark of the season     Mrs Eathorne
  Runner up to Mitchell Hedges     Mr Simpson
Norman Lorraine Best Blue Shark of the season     Mr Simpson
  Runner up to Norman Lorraine     Messrs Duxbury & Groves
Alan Caunter Best Shark of season by a Lady Member     Mrs Eathorne
  Runner up to Alan Caunter     Mrs Case
Pat Case Trophy       Mrs Eathorne
Sercombe Oliver Best Mako Shark of season     No qualifier
The Martini Trophy       No qualifier
Barbican (A Orcutt) Trophy Heaviest Shark caught single handed     Mr Ives
  Runner up to Barbican (A Orcutt)     Mr Andrews
Venning Trophy Most outstanding or unusual capture of the season     Mr Andrews
  Runner up to Venning     Mrs Eathorne
SACGB Trophy Most Sharks over 100lbs in the season     Mr Simpson
  Runner up to SACGB     Messrs Duxbury & Thirkell
Auger First Shark of 100lbs or more caught in the season     Mr Farnsworth
R C Roberts Best qualifying Shark of the season     Mrs Flynn
  Runner up to R C Roberts     Mr Lancashire
Daphne Case Trophy Best Shark caught by a member resident in Looe     T Eathorne
  Runner up to Daphne Case     Mrs Case

Plaques – awarded for best Shark caught each month

Month Winner
June Dr. Lorraine
July Mr Simpson
August Mrs Eathorne
September Mr Shilling
October Mr Longmuir

Special Awards

Mrs Eathorne British Record Trophy

Skippers Trophies

Trophy Achievement Winner
Cock of the Fleet Boat with largest number of sharks Silver Spray
  Runner up to Cock of the Fleet Paula
Looe Fishermans Protection To the owner of the boat winning Cock of the Fleet E Williams
  Runner up to Fishermans Protection J Butters
Sutcliffe Boatman qualifying greatest number of new members J Soady – Valhalla
Boatman’s Tankards Winner W Butters
  Runner up to Boatman’s Tankard J Butters