April 1962 Newsletter Highlights


Thos Clark is the Honorary Secretary and Treasurer.

The newsletter, or Final Report for 1962, as it was called reports that 1962 was a “somewhat disappointing season”.

The final total of sharks caught in Looe was 2345 (1747 trips) which compared to 6286 (1713 trips) in 1961.

The tally of outstanding sharks was also disappointing with only three sharks weighing 200lbs plus. There were two Mako’s of 427.5lbs and 345lbs caught by Mr J Hanson and Mr J Ellison respectively and a Porbeagle of 205lbs caught by Mr R J Woodley.  The best Blue was 156lbs. These were all “qualifying” fish.

Many theories were available as to why the catches were low, Thos Clarks opinion was that cold winter, spring and not very warm summer had kept the sharks in warmer waters which he reinforced by observing that very few “babies  had been landed.

However on the bright side, the average weight of sharks was higher than previous years and 156 sharks of over 100lbs had been recorded.

Membership – As at 31st December 1961 there were 841 fully paid up members. By 31st December 1962 this had increased to 948 members. Of the new members that year, six were from Holland, three from Switzerland and one from Germany. This brought the total overseas membership to 36.

Trophies – Mr W K Wileman presented a new trophy to the club. It was to be known as the W K Wileman Midland Trophy and was to be competed for by members living within a 50 mile radius of Nuneaton. A replica was to be presented each year for permanent retention by the winner

Festival – The third British International Shark and Deep Sea Angling Festival and the European Shark Angling Championships was to be held in Looe from the 29th September to the 4th October. The details were:

Shark Angling (3 days) – three competitors per boat with one rod each

Bottom Fishing (3 days) – four competitors per boat with one rod each

The entrance fee was £18 per competitor (£3 per day) with competitors supplying their own gear. Gear could be hired if necessary.

Officers – at the AGM the following were appointed: Brig. J A L Caunter, E T Barnes, B Dingle, P Heathman, J Horrex, T S Oliver, E C Were, W K Wileman. At the first committee meeting Mr T S Oliver was appointed Chairman and Mr E C Were was appointed Vice Chairman

Spring Dinner & Dance – the Cafe Royal, Louis Suite, Regent Street, London had been booked for the 3rd May 1963

Club Emblems – Boat Burgees were available in two sizes (£2 5s for large and £2 2s 6d for small). Ties at 15s 6d and Car Badges at £3 15s